Small, Family Farms; Large Amish & Mennonite Families!


Kalona, home to Kalona farms and the Kalona SuperNatural brand, is a melting-pot community located in rural Southeast Iowa full of small farms and businesses. This unique community is composed of several different cultural groups including Amish and Mennonite. Though these cultural groups have their differences, everyone works together to create a small, tourist destination in the heartland of America.

Kalona is a rural community and much of the economy is driven by farming, organic farming in particular. Whether it be organic crops or livestock, you will see it all as you drive through the Kalona countryside. The organic dairy farming community in Kalona continues to grow. Many of the producers that supply milk to make Kalona SuperNatural products have lived and worked on their family farms their whole lives. In the Amish and MennoniteAmish horse and buggy on a rural road in Kalona, Iowa- Small Farms communities, many of the farms have:

  • been in the same family for over 150 years
  • never been touched by chemical herbicides
  • never been touched by chemical pesticides

Often times in these families you will find multiple additions on their homes, as extended families will reside and work together. It is not uncommon to see the whole family out helping with chores, even the kiddos! It takes a lot of people to get the job done when much of the work is still done by hand!